mardi 8 décembre 2009

Coming back soon ! (désolée !)

Période d'examens oblige, je n'ai pas eu une seconde à moi ces trois dernières semaines, mais de nouveaux looks dans les jours à venir, croyez moi je suis presque en vancances ! I'm so sorry, no time to post during my exams, but it's almost over, I'm so near from holidays ! See you in a few hours !

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A Pinch of Style a dit…

Hi there! How have you been? Sorry, I've been a slacker on commenting! Did you get the Miu Miu bag from the previous post? Take are!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ a dit…

good luck with the rest of your exams! I'm looking forward to your next post

♥ Hannah



Anonyme a dit…

Oh I so want that bag!

Margherita&Eleonora a dit…

damn, we love this outfit!!!!
jeans...bag... all!!
lot of kisses dear, M&E

Claire a dit…

J'aime J'aime J'aime ! :D