lundi 6 juillet 2009

Mariage léopard ... mariage popular !

Mais non je ne me suis pas mariée ! A 17 ans ?! Non , non du tout, c'était à l'occasion du mariage de ma tante en mai dernier, et comme je trouve qu'on était plutôt bien attifés tous les deux, eh bien voilà, cheese !
robe bustier à volants Naf-Naf ; saharienne Active Wear; ceinture léopard 1,80 euros ; richelieus Asos
J'ai trouvé le concept safari pas mal pour un mariage, ça évite la tenue en mousseline et les ballerines, la voilette sur la tête, puis ça passe partout ! No,no, no didn't get married, we were dressed like that for my aunt's wedding, and I found we were really dressed to kill, so I decided to shoot ourselves ! The safari concept was pretty cool !

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VANY a dit…

Vente en main propre de préférence sur Paris msn peut etre ?

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ a dit…

hey Tiphaine ♥ it's Hannah from LONDON--ROSE!

I just wanted to say sorry about disappearing for a couple of months - someone really close to me died very suddenly and I needed time out... but now I'm back! and my blog is going to be even bigger and better - I have sooo much work to do over the next couple of days but am going to put in 100%.

how are you? I've missed you lol! Who won the fashion competition I entered all that time ago? where did I come?

anywayyy I just wanted to let you know I'm back lol! your blog looks AMAZING as always x

also, as you removed the link to my blog when I left, would you be able to relink me? I'd really appreciate it =) as I love your blog so much lol. just leave a comment on my blog let me know!

thanks hun, hope to hear from you soon x
♥ Hannah ((

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ a dit…

awwww thanks for the sweet comment =) you're one of my fave fashion bloggers too!
& I don't want to sound stupid lol but what's a BAC? xoxo

Anna a dit…

Thanks for your visit¡¡¡ Your style is fresh and très chic. See you in the blogosfera

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ a dit…

We do A-Levels in England, but at my old school they did the International Baccalaureate instead (I think that's how you spell it?) which is really hard - it might be the same as you take? But we don't call it a BAC, we call it an IB. You have to do maths, science, a language, etc. I almost did it but didn't in the end, as I wanted to choose the subjects I took. I didn't want to do maths or languages... I did german for years & even learnt history & geography in german, and also learnt japanese, so wanted to do something else other than languages. ♥

La Condesa a dit…

It is quite cool!! although in Spain is very shocking if you go to a wedding dressed in black

BEst regards

VANY a dit…

Bonjour, est-il possible de supprimer mon commentaire au-dessus du pseudo "VANY" svp.
Car elle contient mon adresse mail, merci