vendredi 6 mars 2009

Beauty advice

Mon nouveau fond de teint,il n'a pas l'air mal du tout pour le moment, il tient longtemps, il matifie à fond, il a un fini poudré et même satiné ! Agréable à appliquer, il ne nécessite pas d'en remettre trois couches et il ne donne pas l'effet d'un fond de teint trop couvrant, aurais-je déniché la perle rare ? My new fundation, it seems absolutely great ! It stays a long time on the skin, it makes it not shine,and it gives a powder effect . It's for the moment one of the best fundation I've ever used , will it equal Sensual Clone by Helena Rubinstein ?

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Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ a dit…

thanks for the really sweet comment you left on my blog - made me smile! and no I don't think you're crazy =P hehe x
I can't update my blog at the moment as my internet isn't working - I'm using the internet at my friend's house at the moment. but someone's coming to fix my internet tomorrow, so lotssss of new updates will be coming! plus the fashion competition awards - promise they'll be up sometime tomorrow!
♥ Hannah